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Affiliate Advertising in a Nutshell

What exactly is affiliate internet marketing? Affiliate marketing online is the one quickest progress trade on the Internet. It’s also true that affiliate internet marketing is one of the fastest and most artistic methods to make cash and have a profession on the Internet.

Simply put, internet online affiliate marketing is promoting merchandise on a commission basis. You own a business that advertises and sells products for other companies. You'll have a product of your own to begin with or not. The things that a successful affiliate marketer will need to have are:

1. Your web site is the leaping off level of all of your advertising and marketing efforts. So the first step in any successful affiliate marketing online business is building a great, credible and professional looking website. You will need to construct a user-friendly website, which is able to attract your prospects and encourage them to click on on the hyperlinks to the products and services you might be promoting and make a purchase. There are corporations whose business is constructing websites which you could hire to build one for you.

2. You have to find merchandise to sell, you have to be capable to decide whether there is a demand for those products and if folks will really buy them. You might both have your individual authentic product or merchandise which are made by others. Which ever way you go, you should imagine in the products.

3. Will probably be necessary so that you can grow to be an adept advertiser and be capable of inform whether the advertising you're paying for is producing more income for you than the advertising is costing you.

4. It is needed that you have good mathematical skills. You will want to be able to observe your sales and decide profit, as well as, see to it that your suppliers are paid in full and on time.

5. You want the full and unwavering support of your family with the intention to dedicate the time and energy essential to launch your affiliate marketing business.

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Alaska Fishing Vacation

What conjures up more intense thoughts to an angler of any kind than the phrase Alaska Fishing Vacation ? Probably not very much, to the average angler the phrase Alaska Fishing Vacation is as provocative a phrase as anything his girlfriend has ever said to him. And for the avid woman angler, the same would apply. The fishing opportunities that the great state of Alaska offers are unparalleled anywhere in the world. From salmon to halibut, the fishing opportunities in The Last Frontier are truly legendary. A fishing vacation in Alaska could literally mean a world record. Alaska s most famous river, The Kenai, holds nearly 2 dozen IFGA world records for various salmon species as well as other fish. This is amazing, and as a matter of fact this incredible river is home to the world record king salmon that weighed in at over 97 pounds! No wonder Alaska is such a popular state for taking a fishing vacation. Not only is the fishing incredible, but the scenery isn t too bad either. As a matter of fact, the scenery in much of Alaska is breathtaking. Alaska is twice the size of Texas and has fewer roads than Delaware. This makes for a lot of wide open spaces. Alaska may well have been what the Dixie Chicks were singing about in their song of that title. Even if the fishing happened to be bad while you were in Alaska, the beauty that nature has to offer will make the trip well worth while. Hey, this can be used as a selling point to your wife so that you can get your Alaska fishing vacation done. There s plenty to do in Alaska other than fish. Other than fishing, what s the other thing that comes to your mind when you think of Alaska? That s right, bears. There may be no better place on the face of this planet to view bears in the wild like Alaska. Alaska is home to over 98 percent of our country’s brown bear population so it is no wonder that Alaska bear viewing is a popular visitor attraction. Some species of bear can be found in every corner of Alaska. There are many bear viewing opportunities available to visitors of Alaska. Some safer than others. The least safe would be wade fishing during a salmon run, and the safest would be on a bear viewing bus in Denali National Park. The point is that if you would like to see a bear in the wild, Alaska can accommodate you. The bottom line is that an Alaska fishing vacation is a great idea for not only the avid angler, but also the person who simply enjoys the wonder and beauty of nature. There is no place on earth like the state of Alaska, and an Alaska fishing vacation is a wonderful way to experience all of it. Find out for yourself why the great state of Alaska is called The Last Frontier . Hey, and you just might catch a world record along the way? Trevor Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country…..Montana! Alaska Travel Deals... : - Start Catching more fish Today!!!! Get Informative Fishing Information For FREE and Get $10!!!! -

Lake Natron

Lake Natron is situated in the north of the Ngorongoro Highlands; to the south is the active volcano, Ol Doinyo Lengai and to the west, is the edge of the Serengeti National Park. The journey is a long but beautiful passage through dramatic, harsh territory. Making this an outstanding destination for walking safaris. Walking in the African Bush with Maasai Warriors as you guides is a unique opportunity for spectacular game viewing combined with the prospect to experience cultural encounters amongst the Maasai, Datoga, and nomadic Bushmen. Lake Natron is a soda lake at the base of the active Ol Donyo Lengai volcano, the area around the lake is often described as having a desolate and almost lunar beauty. Walks around the lake and up along the side of the streams to the waterfalls along the nearby escarpment make for a fantastic adventure that is well and truly “off the beaten track”. Day 1: Arrival in Aruhsa. Day 2: Early morning head to Tarangire National Park, arriving in time for lunch, set up camp in a remote area of the park. After lunch take your first experience of Africa with a walk following the park border. Day 3 and 4 : Full day Walking Safari guided by an armed ranger, or if you prefer take a morning walk and an afternoon game drive in the park. The park is famed for a rich bird life. Depending on the season it is possible see elephants, zebras, wildebeest and even lions; with year round water this park has a prolific game especially in the dry season. Day 5: A short drive to the Ngorongoro Crater to set up camp on the crater rim. Take an early lunch and spend the afternoon on a game drive on the crater floor. Day 6: Early morning departure to Olmoti Crater and waterfalls for a half day walk. There is a good chance of meeting Maasai herders-men with there cattle en-route. In the afternoon proceed to the base camp at Empakaai Crater. Day 7: The views along the trail downwards to the crater lake of Empakaai are spectacular at every point. You might see herds of buffalo, bushbucks, blue monkeys in the flat toped acacia and always a good variety of birds. It is a joy to walk around the lake shore, experiencing the serenity and quite beauty of this wild spot. Overnight at the base camp. Day 8 : The hike to Lake Natron starts proper from Empakaai Crater. Descending the outer hills of the Great Rift Valley, walk through the open plains of the Embulbul depression, to the campsite at the village of Naiobi. This village offers the great privilege to meet the local Maasai. Ol Doinyo Lengai and Mount Meru are seen along the way. No porters here but the Maasai donkeys carry the luggage. Day 9: Trekking to Oldonyo Lengai the only active volcano of Tanzania, named by the Maasai as the holy mountain . It is a four hour walk to the foot of this impressive mountain, pitch tents and set up camp (an alternative camp is at Ngare Sero/ Kamakia at the nearby Lake Natron) Day 10: At midnight the steep accent of the mountain begins; this is in order to avoid the heat of the sun, there is no shelter on the mountain. This is a steep climb on loose scree is for the physically fit only. The summit, at 2,450 meters above sea level, is achieved by sunrise. From here there are fantastic views of the surrounding landscape, Lake Natron, Mount Meru and even Mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day. The crater itself offers a unique spectacle. You can descend onto the crater floor, everywhere it is bubbling and steaming, small fissures inside the crater produce streams of molten lava. Return to the base camp for overnight. Day 11: Trek to the Ngare Sero River. In contrast to the surrounding arid landscape, the water here has crated an oasis. The trek is a strenuous walk up the stream to the source; a cascading waterfall that gushes out of the mountain. Overnight at the Ngare Sero / Kamakia Camp. Day 12: At 05h30 drive to Lake Natron to experience the Sunrise over the Lake and a multitude of pink flamingoes. After breakfast depart by car to the village of Mto wa Mbu. The day is spent exploring the Great Rift Valley escarpment. Overnight at the campsite Fig Resort Campsite Day 13: Return to Arusha. The site has full details of National Parks and timetables for Zanzibar Ferries, flights and Buses in Tanzania â€" and has safari information. Use responsible tourism to make a difference to the countries and peoples you visit.

Hiking Trails - Preserve Your Experiences

Hiking is a great way to escape the rat race, get out in nature and leave the stress of the world behind. Alas, your hiking experiences can fade with time. The best way to prevent this is to keep a hiking journal. Hiking Journals Take a minute to give some consideration to your most recent hiking experience. What sticks out in your mind? Who did you go with and were there any incredible views? Now think about the first time you ever went hiking. Undoubtedly, you remember few things about the geography, people you went with and the particular hiking routes. The experiences you’ve forgotten are lost to time. If you keep a hiking journal, this won’t be the case. There are famous instances of people keeping journals throughout time. Of course, Anne Frank’s Diary is the best example. In her diary, Anne kept a running commentary of the two years her family spent hiding from the Nazis. While your hiking experiences better be more lighthearted, keeping a journal will let you remember them as the years pass. A good hiking journal combines a number of characteristics. First, it should be compact so you don’t have to lug extra weight around. Second, it should have a case to protect it from the elements. Third, the journal should contain blank areas to write your notes. Fourth, the journal should contain cue spaces to remind you to keep notes on specific things. Cues should include: 1. Who you went hiking with, 2. The length and difficulty of the hike, 3. Who you met and contact information for them, 4. The weather conditions, 5. Any unique things that occurred while hiking, 6. The routes you took on the hikes and alternatives you might want to try later. 7. Unique information about the particular hiking trail, and 8. Any inside information provided by locals or other climbers you met. At the end of the hike, you should be able to get the following from your journal: 1. Contact information for other hikers you met, 2. Enough detail to provide you or a friend with a guide if you or they hike the location a second time. 3. Memories to reflect upon years later, and 4. Something to pass on to your friends, children and grandchildren. To get the most out of your hiking journal, you should write in it just before you start, during breaks such as lunch and when you return. It is always interesting to see the different impressions you have before and after a hike as well as your mood changes as the hike progresses. On a miserably rainy day in winter, the journal will make for good reading Hiking is a great way to commune with nature and spend a weekend. Make sure to preserve the experience with your hiking journal. Rick Chapo is with - makers of hiking journals. Writing journals make great Christmas gifts for him or her. Visit to read outdoor adventure stories.

Doggin Toronto: Where To Hike With Your Dog When In Hogtown

Doggin Toronto: Where To Hike With Your Dog When In Hogtown Many of High Park’s 400 acres were donated by George Howard, Toronto’s first formally trained architect, in 1873. Well-maintained walking paths connect manicured gardens on the west side to forest land on the east side. A highlight of the park is Grenadier Pond, supposedly named for British soldiers who fell through its ice rushing to defend the city from American attack in the War of 1812. High Park, at Bloor Street West and Parkside Drive also sports 24-hour off-leash areas at Dog Hill northeast of the Grenadier Restaurant and west of the Dream Site. Nearby, Bronte Creek Provincial Park, 20 minutes to the south, serves up some pleasant trails to hike with your dog. Although this wide stream travels 32 miles to the mouth of Lake Ontario, it was known as Twelve Mile Creek by settlers who came to operate mills along its many rapids and waterfalls. The village of Bronte, named for the large estate granted Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson for his naval victory in the Battle of Trafalgar, grew up on the stream and became a major port for shipping wheat in the mid 1800s. The creek took the same name in the 1930s. Much of the lands here devoted to agriculture have reverted back to deciduous forests that provide a quiet, pastoral backdrop to canine hiking in Bronte Creek. A selection of short trails explore the best example of prairie vegetation in greater Toronto. Canine hikers will want to head first to the Leash Free Path to let your dog run through tall grass for nearly a mile. All the hiking is non-strenuous on the valley rims along Bronte Creek and the only trail that is not barrier-free is the stacked loop Half Moon Valley Trail. Staircases smooth out any steep segments 80 feet above the busy waters. The longest trail in the park - still not two miles long - is the Ravine Trail. Here a dark coniferous forest guards overlooks of the Bronte Creek ravine. Make your way down to the stream for playful canine aquatics. To find Bronte Creek Provincial Park from the Q.E.W. take Exit 109, Burloak Drive and turn right. The Day Use Area will be on the right hand side. copyright 2006 Doug Gelbert is the author of over 20 books, including The Canine Hiker’s Bible. To subscribe to his FREE Newsletter on hiking with your dog and receive a copy of Rules for Dogs in 100 of the Most Popular National Park Service Lands, visit . In the warmer months he leads canine hikes for tours, guiding packs of dogs and humans on hiking adventures. Tours, ranging from one-day trips to multi-day explorations, visit parks, historical sites and beaches.

Bird Watching Journals - Preserve Your Bird Watching Experiences

Bird Watching is a great way to escape the rat race and be one with nature. Alas, your bird watching experiences can fade with time. The best way to prevent this is to keep a bird watching journal for your sightings and trips. Bird Watching Journals Take a minute to give some consideration to your most recent bird watching experience. What sticks out in your mind? Now think about the first time you ever went bird watching. Undoubtedly, you remember few things about the geography, people you went with, every bird sighted and so on. The experiences you’ve forgotten are lost to time. If you had kept a bird watching journal, this wouldn’t be the case. There are famous instances of people keeping journals throughout time. Of course, Anne Frank’s Diary is the best example. In her diary, Anne kept a running commentary of the two years her family spent hiding from the Nazis. While your bird watching experiences better be more lighthearted, keeping a journal will let you remember them as the years pass. A good bird watching journal combines a number of characteristics. First, it should be compact so you don’t have to take up unnecessary space for other things. Second, it should have a case to protect it from rain, spills and so on. Third, the journal should contain blank areas to write your notes. Fourth, the journal should contain cue spaces to remind you to keep notes on specific things. Cues should include: 1. Who you went birding with, 2. Where you stayed and if you enjoyed it, 3. Who you met and contact information for them, 4. The geographic and weather conditions, and 5. The birds you sighted and added to your life list. At the end of the trip, you should be able to get the following from your journal: 1. Contact information for other bird watchers and people you met, 2. Enough detail to provide you or a friend with a guide if you travel to the location a second time. 3. Memories to reflect upon years later, and 4. Something to pass on to your children and grandchildren. To get the most out of your bird watching journal, you should write in it during and immediately after birding. Every sighting brings new experiences even if you’re just sitting in your backyard. Bird watching is a great way to commune with nature. Make sure to preserve the experience. Rick Chapo is with makers of diary and writing journals for bird watching. Visit to read more articles on bird watching and the great outdoors .

When Jesus Sends You, Travel Light!

Those who travel beyond their country s own borders would do well to travel light. Long lines, cumbersome baggage checks, heightened security measures, and the overhanging threat of danger, often make traveling for work or pleasure downright off-putting. Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 shows Jesus commissioning seventy-two followers to go out and share the gospel with those who had never heard its message of salvation. These followers would pave the way for Jesus as he traveled toward Jerusalem. He tells them: Now go, but remember, I am sending you like lambs into a pack of wolves (Luke 10:3, CEV). Did their caution lights go on? Could they sense impending danger? An old adage says to be forewarned is to be forearmed. If ever there was an off-putting journey, this was it. Yet, hymn writer George Duffield, in his classic standard, Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus, exhorts us to let courage rise with danger when we proclaim the gospel of Christ. Further, Jesus tells these ambassadors of the faith not to take some of the items they would normally carry on a trip. No money, no food, no extra footwear (Luke 10:4). Travel light! This was not a luxurious vacation but a dangerous mission. How would they survive? They were to rely on God s provision, and in response to their obedience, all their needs would be met. We, too, are challenged to take the gospel to the world. Like those seventy-two whom Jesus commissioned, we also need to travel light. Often, the creature comforts of this world dull our sense of Christian duty and make us relax while others around us die for want of the gospel. Thus, we need to shake off sloth, dispense of emotional baggage, fear and doubt, and travel light. The sin of pride is a sneaky one. It can creep in even when our deeds start off with the purest of motives. Why did Jesus, on the return of the seventy-two, squelch their exuberance as they recounted how demons obeyed them when they invoked his name? Jesus told them: Don t be happy because evil spirits obey you. Be happy that your names are written in heaven! (Luke 10:20, CEV). Jesus was warning them against the sin of pride, and pointed them to what really mattered. The apostle Paul in his letter to the church at Galatia (Galatians 6:[1-6] 7-16) also challenges his readers to rid themselves of those sins that would hamper them on their Christian journey. Get rid of pride, selfishness, self-righteousness, bragging, and blind obedience to ritual (Galatians 6:3-4, 8), says Paul. Travel light! Realizing how easy it is to become smug with our accomplishments as we follow Christ, Paul warns: If someone is trapped in sin, you should gently lead that person back to the right path. But watch out, and don t be tempted yourself ...If you think you are better than others, when you really aren t, you are wrong... don t compare yourself with others (Galatians 6:1b, 3, 4b, CEV). It takes moral and spiritual fortitude to get rid of everything that slows us down, especially the sin that just won t let go, but we must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete (Hebrews 12:1b, 2a, CEV). This Reflection is drawn from the Bible Resource Center s e-Bulletin Series - an online ministry of the American Bible Society. The Bible Resource Center is also home to an extensive collection of Essential Bible Study Tools For more Bible Study Resources visit:

Purchase Women s Designer Shoes From The Very Best Manufacturers!

Purchase Women s Designer Shoes From The Very Best Manufacturers! The designer shoes that a women wears speaks volumes about who she is. High quality luxury shoes make a strong fashion statement and go a long way toward rounding out an impressive wardrobe. There is such a large selection of brands to choose from. We would like to recommend the following prestigious manufacturers of quality designer’s shoes. Bruno Magli If it’s style and sophistication you are looking for, your search is over. Bruno Magli is one of the most respected designer shoe manufacturers in the world. The business was founded in 1936 in Bologna, Italy. They have been designing and creating high quality luxury shoes for almost seventy years. Their shoes are handcrafted from the finest leather available. Bruno Magli shoes are known throughout the world for their comfort and innovative design. Stuart Weitzman Stuart Weitzman shoes are the envy of the fashion world. Weitzman creations are well known for their beauty, mystique, and master craftsmanship. They are frequently on display at the famous Oscar Award Ceremony and several well-known fashion shows. Mr. Weitzman creates more than three hundred styles of shoes and handbags every year. Stuart’s fatherâ€"Seymour, started the company in the 1950’s. The company was located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Stuart Weitzman began designing shoes for his father s business in the early 1960 s, when Stuart was in his 20 s. When his father died in 1965, he took over the business with his brother Warren. In 1972, they decided to sell the business to a company located in Spain. But, Stuart continued designing shoes for them. He bought the same company back in 1994, but is still manufacturing his shoes in Spain. His shoes are now sold in forty-five countries throughout the world. Donald J. Pliner The Donald J. Pliner Company is renowned throughout the world for an innovative line of prestigious, luxury footwear. They place a lot of importance on comfort. The company provides designer shoes for both men and women. They also provide a full line of leatherwear for men and women, handbags, and belts. There are six Donald J. Pliner stores located in Miami, Coral Gables, Houston, Las Vegas, and San Jose. You can also purchase Donald J. Pliner designer shoes via the Internet. Donald Yacono is the Owner and Webmaster at An online shoe store featuring approximately 300 brands of discount footwear for the whole family, shoe reviews, 24/7-shoe fashion news feed, and helpful foot care articles. ATTENTION WEBMASTERS and EZINE PUBLISHERS â€" Permission is granted to publish this unaltered article on your site or in your EZINE but only if the bio paragraph is included. You must provide a link from your web site pointing back to our site at Thank you.

Live Your Cowboy Dream on a Dude Ranch

There is a cowboy or cowgirl in everyone and playing the role of one on a ranch can prove to be one of the most rewarding vacations you could take. You can step out of the city life and general demands of reality and begin fulfilling that childhood dream. So, go ahead and dust off you cowboy hat, put on some boots and get ready to ride. Here are a few ranches available for those seeking the ultimate outdoor adventure and an authentic taste of the West. The family owned Hartley Guest Ranch in Northeastern New Mexico is beautifully situated on over 25,000 acres. It has over two hundred miles of trails through forests containing a variety of trees, mesas and canyons. This ranch has a fantastic stock of horses on which you can take a ride on some of the beautiful trails to get a more intimate view of the scenery. Or, you can get a taste of the all day cattle round-ups moving cattle from pasture to another. All riders go through an orientation at first to match you with the best horse and also evaluate your riding ability. The rides are all guided and vary in length based on the how long the guests want to ride. There are cantering and loping rides also available for guests to enjoy once qualified by a wrangler. Guests can also take experience pack trips and overnight campouts or participate in rounding up the cattle, separating cows from calves and even branding the calves in season. Of course, guests do not have to participate but can simply sit back and watch if they prefer. Guests can also enjoy terrific fishing in nearby ponds close to the lodge, or hike with or without a guide to see ancient Indian sites, dinosaur bones or other unusual geological structures. The Hartley Guest Ranch is also home to many deer, bear, mountain lions, wild turkey and coyotes. The Blue Mountain Cattle Drive is northwest of Cedar City, Utah and is another great option for anyone seeking a real taste of the old West. The famous outlaw Butch Cassidy originated from this area and, actually, some of his descendants work this ranch. Here, you can take part in cattle drive adventures, horse back riding, campfire singing, western entertainment, cattle roping, Chug Wagon dinners and viewing wildlife including deer, elk, wild horses and antelope. Lodging at the ranch includes trail rides, meals, cattle drives and ranch chores to give you an authentic taste of the west as it really was. Finally, you may consider the Grapevine Canyon ranch in Arizona. Here, you can immerse yourself in the rich Indian history and the dragoon Mountains, once home of the famous Geronimo and Apache Chief Cochise. This ranch offers over seventy horses for all levels of riding ability, beautiful trails and even ghost towns to explore. You can also stay in the furnished suits or cabins and enjoy the hot tub, pool, library and game room. The copywriter Johnathan Bakers is especially passionate about themes dealing with Alicante. You might come across his abstracts on Calpe at various other sources for Calpe news.

Bangkok Hotels - Accomplishes Your Tour

Bangkok dominates the urban region of Thailand. It is also the political, commercial and cultural centre since centuries. Bangkok has got distinctive modern and westernized lifestyle and you will find this city always lively with exciting nightlife. Lying on the side of the Chao Phraya River, this city is a nice place for travel freaks. It features some of the famous attractions which must not be missed out on. Accommodation in the city is also no problem because Bangkok hotels are all equipped with splendid amenities and provide you with shelters at affordable rates. Some of the interesting attractions in the city are: Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall This royal building is a stunning example of Thailand s architectural excellence. Its intricate design has an extensive Thai character despite it is highly influenced by western culture. This was built by the first king Chulalongkorn who must have kept swimming in his mind when he got the construction started. You will be required to put on long pants or long skirts and closed-toe footwear in order to enter the hall. Ancient City It is the largest open-air museum in the south of Bangkok. This place consists of Thailand s most impressive monuments. The architectural integrity in the ancient city can impress anyone who passes by this place. Cycling and biking are interesting activities of this place. Lumphini Park This is the biggest green lung in Bangkok. It has been named after the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal. Always crowded with local and foreigner visitors, this place is fabulous and proves to be a great escape from Bangkok city. Come here in early morning and you will enjoy the Nancy Eben is an associate editor of The website offers exclusive information of Thailand and bangkok hotels . We also provide online hotel reservation of hotels in bangkok. We appreciate your feedback and queries at

Start Planning Now For An Unforgettable Summer Vacation

It might even give you time to raise some extra funds if you think your budget will be too tight. Shop around, do your math and begin to enjoy your summer vacation right now. Get All The Family Involved Play a game, pinpointing possible places on a map and reach an agreement. It’s ideal for a cold, windy weekend in front of a fireplace or around the breakfast table. Once you know where you want to go, or can afford to go, think of the cost and don’t be conservative just yet. There will be time to adjust the budget later on, if it gets too tight. So make your checklist, asking everybody to remember what you did and what expenses you had on previous vacations. This is another little game… Three Definite Lines Of Expenses First of all, consider traveling expenses. Whether you will be going by car or by plane there is a certain expense. Probably your air tickets for all the family can be financed with your credit card, but we don’t want to overload it. There usually are installment plans given by the airline, which can be more convenient and will leave room on the card for extras and unforeseen events. Gas expenses mean you are going nearer, in your car and that will be a smaller sum, but no credit there, I’m afraid. Lodging Unless you are planning to spend some time at a friend’s house or maybe your old folks’ place, you will have lodging expenses: Hotel, a mountain cabin, hostel, a beach condo, whatever. This will be your largest expense, naturally depending on how long you are staying, but it is normally an important sum. Extras Extras comprise extra meals, day tours, drinks, cocktails, evening entertainment and awanna. Awanna buy this, awanna buy that. Well, it’s supposed to be fun, isn’t it? You don’t want to start saying “no this, no that” to your kids. Sounds funny, but it’s all too true. Add Up So, once you’ve got everything on your checklist, add everything up and then think where you can get the cash from. There are special loans with a grace period , so that you can start paying when you get back. You have plenty of time to start shopping around for all you need. You may want to get some new clothing or footwear for everyone and that needs time to prepare. You could even start paying now for some of the items and gain time. Now Keep The Family Involved Everybody should have a little chore, like making their own checklist of things they want to take, finding out the cost of entertainments, so as to help with the building of the vacation budget. It will surely be a beautiful holiday and everyone will be looking forward to it and contribute to the planning and preparations with enthusiasm. This will keep the younger ones away from too much TV or internet and make them feel they are useful to each other. Jessica Peterson writes finance articles for where she shares her knowledge about how to get money for a starting-up business, consolidating any kind of debt, repairing a home even with a bad credit history and more.

What s Hot This Fall - Belts and Bags

What s Hot This Fall - Belts and Bags With summer quickly coming to a close, fall is right around the corner. So, what s hot this fall? Accessories! Lots of belts, handbags and shoes in the lines. With designers like BB Simon, Robbie French and Kippys, who can help but want some of what they ve got? Every designer has their own twist, but the trend is definitely sparkly and bold. BB Simon uses the finest Italian leather to create what have become some of the most sought-after belts in today s market. His unique collection of accessories, adorned with authentic Austrian Swarovski Crystals will bring out an ooh and an aah whether you are an average kind of girl that appreciates pretty things or a member of the elite group enamored with haute couture. BB Simon has belts with crystals in a variety of tints for every conceivable occasion or season; if you don t like what they have in their line-up, you can custom order your own belt. All said, these are some of the most unique belts out there; similar to Kippys, but different. Kippys belts are unique in that you can specify how wide you want them to be. Whether you re looking for a thin quarter inch or you d rather have a bold belt that measures an inch and a half, Kippys will aim to please. Their belts give more of a naughty cowgirl feel when you slip them on. Adorned with crystals as well, this line sometimes skips the crystal-encrusted buckle that BB Simon is famous for and instead goes for a simple and understated solid centerpiece. Loop one of these through your favorite pair of jeans - maybe even a pair from Kippys - and you ll have flash and sass all night long! And don t worry, you can shake it like you love it because Kippys guarantees both the crystals and the craftsmanship for the entire lifetime of the belt. Robbie French spent 10 years in the mix of haute couture running some of the hottest bars in LA before she decided to start her own design company. Thank goodness she did because this girl has what it takes to dress A-list celebrities like Madonna and Nicholas Cage! If you ve never taken a look at her buckles, you re missing out on a gem. Ranging from pirate skulls to a Crucifix belt buckle, Ms. French has everyone covered. On a simple leather belt, these buckles make a statement that will have everyone looking your way - and asking where you got your great accessories! Now that you ve got your buckle down, what are you going to carry on your arm? Fee fe Footwear has some of the hottest bags this season. In dark chocolates and black leather, they will go with anything and carry everything! It looks like the trend this season is headed back towards leather, so get ahead of the curve and grab one of these great bags now. If you re looking for something larger than a purse to do work and social duty, try the new messenger bag from French and French. Accented with ostrich skin and littered with inside pockets to hold your cell phone, pens and files, this bag might just be your new carry-all. Bring out your inner rock star and carry the Volcano leather handbag by BB Simon; just like their belts, their bags are accented with colorful Swarovski Crystals. If you do just one thing this fall, grab a great belt and wear it with everything! Enjoy the trends this upcoming season and if you re wearing one of these designers, anticipate lots of attention! Elli Rose is a fashion industry insider who writes about the latest trends in clothing, makeup and accessories. Love to be noticed? Find gorgeous fashions and helpful advice at Amore Fashion .

Soccer Shoes Or Boots Are Important In Protecting You From Injury

Wearing The Proper Soccer Shoes Will Prevent Injury When you play soccer, or any sport, you must ensure that you are wearing the proper footwear so that you do not injure yourself. Now, if you are playing in gym class, or in a situation where you are on a hardwood surface, any non slip gym shoe will do. However, soccer shoes are meant to be played on a grassy field. That means they have to be specially made not to slip on the grass so that the player does not get injured. For that reason, soccer shoes are made with cleats, or pointy metal barbs on the bottom, that are designed to dig into the grass, thus giving the player speed but they also prevent the player from slipping so that they do not get injured. When playing with cleats, though, you need to be careful that you don’t injure other players. With all that kicking at the ball, injuries can happen but with certain precautions you can play safely and have fun. Dig In Soccer shoes are built with cleats that are meant to dig into the field. This allows the player to gain traction where they normally would not have any. They can also pivot easier, which allows them to get past other players as they move for the goal. If they did not have cleats, they would slip and fall, especially if the grass was wet, and they would not be able to get around other players as much. That’s why soccer players can’t just wear any shoes if they hope to avoid injury and play well, they must wear proper soccer shoes with cleats designed to dig into the grass and dirt. Avoiding Injury Because soccer shoes have cleats, the possibility for injury is greater. If you’ve ever watched a group of soccer players vie for the ball, you probably saw them standing around the ball kicking at it. This brings those cleats awfully close to other players’ shins, which can cause bruising, cuts or even breaks. For that reason, you have to be careful when wearing soccer shoes. Keep your feet on the ground or on the ball but keep them away from other players’ shins so that everyone can stay injury free. You can find soccer shoes at any sporting goods store or even on the internet. Just remember that if you’re playing with friends in a fun, friendly game, regular tennis shoes should do the trick. If you’re playing on an actual team, competitively, then you want to get real soccer shoes to prevent injury and so that you can play at your best. Ian Botham runs his own online sports goods mail order business as well as several sports related websites. Check out these links for more info on Soccer or more general Sports Articles and resources.

Where the Mountains of Mourne Sweep Down to the Sea

Well, that s how Percy French put it in his song The Mountains of Mourne, and sitting outside the pub that bears his name, sipping a well-earned pint of Guinness, looking back up to Slieve Donard, it s an apt image - the Mourne Mountains tower above the seaside town of Newcastle, Co. Down, a hectic tourist town in summer, but agreeably quiet and deserted in January. What I like about Ireland is the unassailable logic of the way things are done here. When the Express bus from Belfast made an unscheduled stop at the grocers to enable the driver to deliver the bread, I was mildly surprised. The next stop, to deliver magazines at the newsagents seemed perfectly reasonable. By the time the bus driver had dropped off a complete exhaust system at the garage, it seemed madness to do it any other way - why wait a week for the next delivery when the bus is going past the front door in an hour? By 10.30, I m at Bloody Bridge, named for a famous massacre, at the start of the walk into the Mournes. There are ten summits over 2000 feet and the range covers around 80 square miles of unspoilt mountain and moorland scenery. They are volcanic in origin, then carved into horseshoe valleys by glaciation, but with rocky outcrops, called nunataks, that poked through the ice-sheet and escaped the scouring effect of the retreating glaciers. They aren t huge, none of the peaks reaches the 3000 foot mark, but they are dramatic and shapely, and the Mourne Wall, which runs like a scaled-down version of the Great Wall of China over the summits, is a highly-distinctive feature, and a useful navigational aid to boot! In fact, in the 100mph gusts that threatened to hurl me into the Irish Sea yesterday, the wall acted as a windbreak when it was almost impossible to remain standing. At 12.45 I reached the summit of Slieve Donard, the highest peak of the Mournes at 2796 feet, shared a very welcome nip of whiskey with the only other walkers I met all day, then headed up Slieve Commedagh, with glorious views of Slieve Binnian and Slieve Bearnagh with their rocky turrets and pinnacles, the wall making an unlikely ascent of each peak it encounters. Although the wind blew remorselessly from the south-west all day, apart from the odd hail squall, the skies were clear and the views were fantastic, taking in all the peaks of the Mournes, and the surrounding countryside, as well as the gentler rolling hills of the south. I ambled down the ridge, or rather I was propelled down the ridge by a fierce gale, avoiding the rock crags which plummet down into the valley, sinking knee-deep into a foot of soggy Irish peat bog on several occasions. The final part of the route takes you through the mixed plantation of the Donard Forest, then it s a short stroll to the seafront, and that pint of Guinness at Percy French s bar, and time to reflect on a perfect mountain day, magnificent scenery, great people, and the opportunity to visit a place I had never previously considered as a walking destination, but one to which I plan to return. Simon Kirwan is a photographer with a passion for the outdoors. He spends as much time as possible visiting the mountains and wild places of Britain and the world. After visiting Nepal and photographing the Himalayas in 1999, Simon was named Observer Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2000 . He has since travelled overland across East Africa visiting Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe; in addition, he has photographed the mountain ranges of Europe including the Spanish Pyrenees, the French and Italian Alps, and the Polish Tatras. Despite his love of travel and the excitement of visiting new destinations, Simon is equally happy to wander the hills and mountains of Britain s countryside, especially Snowdonia, the Peak District and the Lake District where he can indulge his love of mountain walking and scrambling as well as photographing the ever-changing landscape. Aerial Photography by Simon Kirwan Travel Photography by Simon Kirwan

Experience Nature at its most Majestic with a Canadian Rockies Tour

Its time to get away. Life in the cubicle just isn’t cutting it, is it? No, you need space, adventure, air, real air, fresh, rarefied, crisp sweet air filling your lungs with the endless blue of the sky. A Canadian Rockies tour will help you breathe that blue. Oh, and the scenery ain’t bad either. Rich farmlands, scenic forests and sparkling lakes, hot springs, and some of the most beautiful cities of Western Canada all laid out at your feet from the peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It’s time to take a tour and experience the wonder and boundless freedom of the North Country. So how do you set up your Canadian Rockies tour? What do you want to see? What should you see? How should you best see it? First, a quick introduction to the Canadian Rockies: These mountains Tower over the plains of Alberta and British Columbia. This is a land still wild and unspoiled, still home to abundant wildlife, a land of majestic snowy peaks, glittering glacial lakes, thundering waterfalls and cyclopean trees. The Rocky Mountains themselves offer an extensive variety of year round activities including rock climbing and heli-hiking in the summer and of course the skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports that the region is so famous for. Every type of hiking from short and easy to long overnight challenges is available. Horseback riding and virtually every conceivable land sport are present. With the variety and prevalence of lakes and rivers every type of inland water sport can also be enjoyed - white-water rafting, fly-fishing, golf and incredible kayaking to name but a few. Overall there are so many activities available in the Canadian Rockies that it would not be possible to name them all here. One of the most frustrating things about planning a tour like this is how to get to everything. The answer is very simple: you don’t. Your vacation is after all, a vacation, and should be tailored to your tastes, with no pressure to get everything done. There are considerable resources available to aid in planning your perfect Canadian Rockies Tour, and the only mistake you can truly make is to not avail yourself of these services, which can help you plan the perfect vacation, allowing you to experience a bit of everything, focusing on your interests and needs, but never making you feel rushed or sad that you missed out on anything. Also, you will need to research the more practical aspects of your tour, namely travel accommodations (many tour packages do not include air fare so keep this in mind when preparing your budget), hotel reservations, the length of the tour, etc. In addition, you will want to figure out what kind of a tour you are interested in. A couples’ tour can be a very different endeavor than a family tour, where a group tour with strangers is different from a group tour with friends. A Canadian Rockies Tour arranged by a tour planning company offers the perfect solution; they have the expertise to arrange a truly exceptional tour that will take in the very best an area has to offer, and yet they offer total independence and freedom for the individual, couple, family, or small group. The Canadian Rockies brings serenity and excitement together in one magnificent package. You deserve an adventure, and the Great White North awaits you. Let the Canadian Rockies Tour provide the space, the sights, and the journey to bring you closer to nature and those you love. If you would like more information on the canadian rockies tour , or read more articles like the one you just read, please feel free to visit my travel blog

Vacations for Water Sports Enthusiasts

Are you a water enthusiast? Do you need a vacation? Does sailing, skiing and surfing sound like the perfect vacation? If so, you should look into adventure holidays. Remove yourself from the demands of everyday life and enjoy the desperately needed vacation. For those who love water sports, a vacation to you means sandy beaches, a warm climate and definitely an ocean nearby. Here are several great hot spots from which you can choose for a terrific adventure getaway. The tropical Island of St. Lucia is a dream vacation for those you love sailing. You can sail the western coastline all the way to Rodney Bay and enjoy Pigeon Island National Park and, especially, its beautiful beach. At night, you will find a wide selection of restaurants and bars where you can take pleasure in the cocktails and a delicious meal. Then, head off to Soufrière where you can visit the Botanical Gardens, Diamond Falls, Volcano and mineral baths. You can then make your way to the deserted beach of Ansa Cochon designed specifically for snorkeling. Your afternoon can be spent at the Jalousie Plantation Resort, or simply continue snorkeling at the Coral Gardenas. Then, a romantic night under the stars awaits you at the famous Pitons. Or, you can experience the natural wonders and snorkeling of St. Lucia. However, don’t miss out on the Marigo before dark where you can dine at your choice of fantastic restaurants and take in the magnificent view of the Caribbean. Barbados, known as the “soupbowl” at Bathsheba, attracts water sports enthusiasts from all over, including those top at their sport who spend time here training. As they do, you will appreciate the warm water, friendly atmosphere and uncrowded waves of the ocean. Bathsheba is famous for its thundering barrels and fast walls, and locals and visiting surfers have enjoyed the surfing hear for years. This fishing village turns into a high activity hot spot in November when the waves are at their prime and the small village hosts the International Surfing Championship. Surfers typically rent local bay houses and socialize with the local residents, enjoying the friendly atmosphere when not enjoying the waves. If you water skiing is your passion, you should head over to Ski Paradise in Acapulco, Mexico or to Torrevieja and Murcia in Spain . Water Ski Magazine rated it one of the best ski sites in the world. Regardless of your skill level, you will have a great time at Ski Paradise. It is the ultimate sports vacation and offers great accommodations and terrific instructors if you need to improve your skills. Ski Paradise also offers tennis, sport fishing and golf. At night, you can also experience the vibrant night life of the area and fabulous food. These are only a few of the top hot sports for those seeking some water sport adventure. There are surely more places to enjoy sailing, surfing and skiing. But, whether you opt for the West coast, East coast or in between, you can find affordable, fun holidays to enjoy your favorite water sports! Being especially passionate about Torrevieja and Spain, Robert Carlton has been publishing several newsletters on the subject. His abstracts on Torrevieja and Murcia can be discovered on his web publications.

Adventures in Peru - What I Did for Thanksgiving Vacation

When I was a student, all the way through high school, I hated English class. I didn t do well in spelling, grammar, speech or writing. I gave a speech once on why I shouldn t have to give a speech (I think I got a D on it). I did like literature because I loved to read, but hated writing the book reports. If someone would have told me then that someday I would be teaching, preaching, writing reports and stories, as well as thinking about writing a book, I would never have believed them. Now I am not only doing these things but also actually enjoying them. Even more surprising is that some people say they enjoy reading what I write! And thank God for computers and spell checkers, which have been a big factor in this. First of all I want to say thanks to God for allowing me to be here in Peru. The first four months or so here in Peru were very difficult emotionally. Now I am beginning to realize how hard it is going to be to leave here in two months! Lord willing, I plan on returning, which makes it a lot easier. So what DID I do for Thanksgiving anyway you may be asking by now. My friend Morayma, and three of her friends, who are all studying tourism, wanted to see the tourist sights, meet the people and learn about the culture here in Cotahuasi and surrounding villages. We visited many of the sights that Cotahuasi Canyon is famous for, including the Rock Forest Huito , ancient ruins of Callac and Maucallacta, the waterfalls of Sipia and Uskuni, thermal baths at Luicho, as well as the villages of Puica, Pampamarca, Alca, and Charcana. We also talked with the mayors in each of these villages and the girls asked them many questions about the people, customs, tourist attractions and problems. Each mayor said the big problems are alcoholism, domestic violence and government subsidies. The first two problems I see or hear about almost every day and were nothing new, but I was surprised to hear them mention the subsidies. Why are they a problem? The children get free breakfast and lunch in the schools, as well as free health care. The mothers get free health care and food for their babies. There are also various non-government organizations that provide various services and meet some needs. We as missionaries are besieged with requests to help meet financial and material needs wherever we go, which we sometimes provide. As a result of all these good intentions and acts, many of the people have began to expect these helps as their rights and have become lazy. They don t need to work to care for their family so they work just enough to get by or to buy as much alcohol as they want. If the husband isn t home drunk and abusing his family, the wife is just as likely to be doing it. Almost no one produces more than just enough for their own needs. Transportation of products to market is difficult but is becoming easier every day with new roads being built. There needs to be a change in the hearts and minds of the people to bring about a change in their lives. We were able to visit with Isedoro and his family in Suni, where we received a warm welcome as usual. The girls were playing with the kids and working in the kitchen with his wife Monica, shelling dry habas (like a lima bean) by walking on them on the dirt floor, and then roasting them and maiz (corn) over a wood fire. I had briefly shared with them how Isedoro had once been an alcoholic and used to beat his wife. After accepting Christ he has changed totally. He is now leading the church in Suni, studying the Bible and leadership training, and helping with the ministry in Chulca, Cushpa and other villages above Suni. He and his family are a beautiful testimony to the power of God to change lives. Many of the villages have just recently received, and more will soon receive, electricity. This would seem to make it much easier to spread the gospel, as now they have lights and it is much easier to have Bible studies and church services at night. But most of the larger villages also provide a rebroadcast of satellite TV so now the people spend their spare time watching TV. If not in their homes, then standing in front of the open doors of stores, watching the TV inside. On Thursday we drove to the end of the under construction road to Charcana. We had been told that is was only a half hour s walk from there to Charcana. After parking the car at the construction camp, climbing across a rock slide from the blasting and realizing that we had much more than a 30 minute walk, we were met by a young man with burros. He said that he had been sent to meet a group and wondered if it was us. We said we didn t know but Evelyn, Roseangela and some of the backpacks got to ride, which went well except for Roseangela getting dumped once when her burro decided to sit down. About 20 minutes from Charcana I got really cold so put on my jacket, which helped as long as we were walking. When we arrived in Charcana (after a two hour walk!), we checked into our rooms at the hostel and I started to shiver from the cold. The rest said they weren t cold so I realized that it was just me. I put on two more jackets, got in bed in my sleeping bag, covered up with blankets, and drank two cups of hot tea before I finally stopped shivering. I felt OK then but stayed in bed while the women prepared Thanksgiving dinner, chicken noodle soup with tuna, which we ate along with a couple of pieces of dry bread. Probably a good thing that there wasn t any pecan pie as I spent the night back and forth to the bathroom with diarrhea. Needless to say, I had to skip the four hour hike up to see the cave paintings and stone arch above Charcana on Friday. Morayma graciously insisted on staying with me to make sure I was OK so she didn t get to go either. The others hired a guide and horses to take them up the steep mountain trail. Unfortunately, when they left at 5:00 am, they forgot to get the camera from Morayma so they didn t get any pictures. Poor Roseangela, riding a horse this time, she took a header when the horse made a quick stop. I had also hoped to visit with Maritza, whom I had transported back to Cotahuasi with Dr. Ana, almost two years before, to get treatment for a broken leg. She was a victim of abuse by her husband, when they were both drunk, he pushed her and she fell into a hole, receiving compound fractures. She was working out in the field this time so unfortunately I didn t get to visit with her. It wasn t a traditional Thanksgiving for me but I m thankful for the good time we had and that by Saturday I was feeling fine and able to hike back to the car. Vic Hanson is the founder of Adventure Cotahuasi Tours, which offers pre-planned and custom adventure travel tours in Cotahuasi Canyon and other areas of Peru.

Cape Town is Unique - History and Overview

The city of Cape Town is situated on the south western tip of the African continent, in one of the most beautiful natural locations in the world. The original inhabitants of the Cape region were the Khoi San people whose ancestry can be traced back thousands of years, through the discovery of fossils and artifacts, to the origins of humanity in Central Africa. The Mother City as Cape Town has become known over the years was the first South African port established by European settlers in the 16th century. Dutch sailors working for the VOC - Dutch East India Company set up a refreshment station at the Cape. They also established the Company Gardens in the city which was used to provide passing ships on route to the West Indies with fresh produce. The gardens still exist and have been cultivated and transformed into a place of relaxation for Capetonians. The first slaves were brought in to the Cape from Madagascar in the 17th century to help run the refreshment station. This immigration continued until 1834 and was expanded to include slaves from African countries such as Angola and Mozambique, the West Indies and Sri Lanka. The Islam religion which is now a part of modern Cape culture was brought to Cape Town by revered Muslim leaders known as Sheikhs who had been banished to the Cape from Indonesia, by the Dutch. Islam quickly spread among the slaves, became a part of their culture and was passed on down through their descendants. Various languages were spoken in those early days but the most predominant was Malay. Gradually the Afrikaans language, a simplified form of Dutch containing elements of Malay and originally used for communicating with their masters, took over among the slaves. It spread inland throughout South Africa when descendants of Cape Dutch and French settlers trekked north to colonise the interior and eventually establish the Afrikaner nation. The Cape Malays of today with their unique Muslim cultural heritage, and the Christian coloured community descended from mixed blood unions between the early settlers, the indigenous Khoi and the slaves who brought their African Indian culture into the Cape. In the 17th century British settlers arrived and annexed the Cape declaring it a British Colony. They developed the city of Cape Town using slave labour. Slavery was eventually abolished in the 19th century. The British went on to develop and colonise South Africa. Elements of their influence in the Cape are still visible in the architecture of many buildings in the surrounding coastal towns eg. Simonstown Cape Town Attractions: The ancient Table Mountain often draped in swirling cloud and flanked by its attendants Devil s Peak and Lion s Head, forms an impressive backdrop to the sprawling city of Cape Town and is a well known subject for many postcards and photographs. It stands at the head of a chain of mountains forming the Cape Peninsula National Park which follow the line of the Peninsula to Cape Point. On the eastern slopes of Table Mountain lie the well known Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens the largest of its kind in South Africa, and home to thousands of varieties of indigenous plants. The oldest wine farm in the country, Groot Constantia, established in the 17th century is situated on the lower slopes of the Back Table Its modernised winery is in full production. The rugged Cape coast is dotted with upmarket suburbs, quaint fishing villages and stretches of sandy beaches separated by massive rocky outcrops - remnants of the original geological formations from which Table Mountain developed. The well known extensive Winelands and historic Cape towns such as Stellenbosch, FranchHoek and Paarl, interspersed with rugged mountain ranges are situated an hour or two away, inland. Cape Town is known for its historic and unique architecture which is still apparent in the city and many of the surrounding communities. It has developed from a number of diverse influences such as Cape Dutch, British and Muslim. The original stone fort, oldest building in South Africa, now significantly upgraded and known as the Castle, was built on the early shoreline by the Dutch in about 1670 to repel invaders. Another well known city landmark is the Groote Kerk (big church) built around 1700. Cape Town s location at the juncture of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, and the influence of the nearby mountain ranges on prevailing air currents means that the Cape experiences a Mediterranean type climate with dry warm to hot summers cooled by south easterly winds, and cool wet winters. The Atlantic sea temperature off the west coast is generally a few degrees colder than that of the Indian Ocean. The commercial centre in the city bowl comprises modern high rise office blocks and hotels often sandwiching smaller historic buildings built in the original Cape Dutch style. The new Cape Town Convention Centre (CTICC) on the Foreshore is a popular venue for trade exhibitions and music festivals. The thriving upmarket Cape Town VandA Waterfront is a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. It has developed into one of the most popular venues in the country with its combination of modern retail outlets, artistic markets and laid back entertainment, and is crowded throughout the year. Ed Berry is the author of the website He has been a resident of Cape Town South Africa for many years and enjoys sharing his knowledge of Cape Town s history, its many cultures and magnificent natural scenery with the many visitors to his travel website. Copyright: Ed Berry

Safari in South Africa - 7 Must Do Activities On The Famous Garden Route

Safari in South Africa and you may well want to include in your itinerary other parts of this magnificent country. You ve heard of the Garden Route, but you are not much into gardens, so what does this famous part of South Africa offer the visitor? The Garden Route stretches from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape down to Cape Town in the Western Cape, some 800 plus kilometres of spectacular coastline. Contrary to its name it is not all about gardens, but about wonderful scenery rich in variety and includes many diverse activities. Here, in no particular order are just 7 of the most popular activities you will find to make your safari in South Africa one of the best you ll ever take. 1. Stay at one of the many malaria-free game lodges for your safari in South Africa. See the Big 5 game in spectacular surroundings, some of which are a stones throw from the magnificent golden sands of the Indian Ocean. 2. Discover the splendour of the Tsitsikama Forest. Take a hike through the beauty of this indigenous forest. Perhaps take a treetop canopy tour or spend some time on the Otter Trail. 3. Not only is the above-ground loveliness of the Garden Route open for exploration, but the underground caves at Cango are a must! Known to man since the early Stone Age, these caves are more than just stalactites and stalagmites and at a steady warm temperature are a pleasure to visit even on the hottest day. 4. Take a safari journey on the Outeniqua Choo-Choo! Clinging to the coastline from George to Knysna, this steam train is one of the best attractions of the Garden Route. Chugging across the Knysna lagoon, into the lush green valleys and sheer cliffsides on its voyage, a window seat captures the excitement to its fullest. 5. Traverse the hair-pin bends down to Nature s Valley where the river forms a dark water lagoon which escapes over the wide sandy beach towards the sea and we are sure you will agree with us that its name is perfect! 6. Head to the hills to find them thur Gold . The gold rush started in the hills behind Knysna before finding its feet in Kimberley and Johannesburg. A very unlikely place to have spawned an industry which now dictates so much of our lives, but you can marvel at how they found the gold and then extracted it on this fascinating tour. 7. After all the excitement, head for Knoetsie Beach. Hidden away off the beaten track, travel through the forest to make the climb down to this heavenly beach where the ocean thunders onto the beach, overlooked by three castles. Check out the peace and tranquillity, even in high summer you ll find only a handful of people sharing your idyll. I invite you to use these tips to make the most of your safari in South Africa and on the Garden Route. And With your permission, I d like to offer you free access to my short report, 9 Surefire ways to have the Safari in South Africa you always wanted . You can download it by going to From Helen Palmer - The Exclusive Vacations Guide

Beautiful Beaches

Beaches, the meeting between sea and land, they have an unique of mysterious nature. From there you can get your mind opened, that earth is very wide, beautiful, fun and spooky. Many words you can say about beaches. For your realize, many tourist come to countries, just to enjoy the beaches, feeling the sun and sand. We are very lucky that our land located in tropical zone, great weather almost happened every month. Because of that, it attracting many tourist to come to sunbathing on our beaches. As you know our most famous beach is kuta beach, it has left many memories for tourists who came there. And also other beaches around bali, many international competition and activities have held there, from surfing competition, volleyball competition and international artist concert. For us (hindus) beach is very sacred place, we believe it guarding us from disaster, so we have many processing or ceremony on beach. A message for beach traveler, please respect and keep your attitude while on the beach. By it`s sand, beaches in Bali categorized into two beaches, they are white sand and black sand. Then, what are the best beaches in Bali? here are most visited: - Kuta Beach @ Kuta - Dreeamland Beach @ Bukit - Nusa Dua Beach @ Nusa Dua - Sanur Beach @ Sanur - Uluwatu Beach @ Uluwatu - Jimbaran Beach @ Jimbaran - Medewi Beach @ Negara I am sure that you know and have been one of them right? if not, prepare yourself to be part of our hospitality, enjoy the beautiful nature attraction here. have a nice traveling! A son of balinese people, care to improve his potential hometown resources. since born his life is surrounded by tourism activities and now he is writing his experiences to the world by