Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alaska Fishing Vacation

What conjures up more intense thoughts to an angler of any kind than the phrase Alaska Fishing Vacation ? Probably not very much, to the average angler the phrase Alaska Fishing Vacation is as provocative a phrase as anything his girlfriend has ever said to him. And for the avid woman angler, the same would apply. The fishing opportunities that the great state of Alaska offers are unparalleled anywhere in the world. From salmon to halibut, the fishing opportunities in The Last Frontier are truly legendary. A fishing vacation in Alaska could literally mean a world record. Alaska s most famous river, The Kenai, holds nearly 2 dozen IFGA world records for various salmon species as well as other fish. This is amazing, and as a matter of fact this incredible river is home to the world record king salmon that weighed in at over 97 pounds! No wonder Alaska is such a popular state for taking a fishing vacation. Not only is the fishing incredible, but the scenery isn t too bad either. As a matter of fact, the scenery in much of Alaska is breathtaking. Alaska is twice the size of Texas and has fewer roads than Delaware. This makes for a lot of wide open spaces. Alaska may well have been what the Dixie Chicks were singing about in their song of that title. Even if the fishing happened to be bad while you were in Alaska, the beauty that nature has to offer will make the trip well worth while. Hey, this can be used as a selling point to your wife so that you can get your Alaska fishing vacation done. There s plenty to do in Alaska other than fish. Other than fishing, what s the other thing that comes to your mind when you think of Alaska? That s right, bears. There may be no better place on the face of this planet to view bears in the wild like Alaska. Alaska is home to over 98 percent of our country’s brown bear population so it is no wonder that Alaska bear viewing is a popular visitor attraction. Some species of bear can be found in every corner of Alaska. There are many bear viewing opportunities available to visitors of Alaska. Some safer than others. The least safe would be wade fishing during a salmon run, and the safest would be on a bear viewing bus in Denali National Park. The point is that if you would like to see a bear in the wild, Alaska can accommodate you. The bottom line is that an Alaska fishing vacation is a great idea for not only the avid angler, but also the person who simply enjoys the wonder and beauty of nature. There is no place on earth like the state of Alaska, and an Alaska fishing vacation is a wonderful way to experience all of it. Find out for yourself why the great state of Alaska is called The Last Frontier . Hey, and you just might catch a world record along the way? Trevor Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country…..Montana! Alaska Travel Deals... : - Start Catching more fish Today!!!! Get Informative Fishing Information For FREE and Get $10!!!! -

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